dinner is solved

skillet meal in 30 minutes

Dinner Hero™
Coconut Curry

Dinner Hero™
Fiesta Taco

Dinner Hero™
Sesame Garlic

Dinner Hero™
Smoky Tomato

speed-scratch cooking kit

  • no artificial flavors or colors
  • 42+ grams whole grains
  • just add protein & side of veggies
  • chef-crafted spice blend
  • serves 4 in 30 minutes

four delicious flavors

Coconut Curry, Sesame Garlic, Smoky Tomato and Fiesta Taco

three steps &
you’re a hero

First, cook the grain blend. Second, sauté your protein. Once cooked through, add a punch of flavor with our custom spices. Third, spoon into four bowls and serve with a side of veggies. Congrats, you’re the hero you were destined to be.
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